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Beep-Beep - lyrics

This song is also known as "Little Nash Rambler" or simply "Nash Rambler" and is sometimes mislabeled that or even requested by that name on the Dr. Demento show. A Nash Rambler was a kind of car produced by Nash Motors in 1950, and it was a bubble-shaped little bug that was to become the first compact car manufactured and sold in America. As you can imagine, the car met with some scorn from the majority of the American driving public, who were used to driving big Caddy land yachts and looked down their noses at compacts, when they noticed them at all. It was World War 2 that introduced Americans to compact cars, when servicemen stationed in Europe got to like them over there. The humor of this song revolves around the ironic race between a Cadillac and a Rambler, with a stunner punchline.

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American Motors History of the Automobile

This film traces the history of the automobile through the eyes of a typical American family. The movie was designed for showing to fraternal, church, youth, business, school and civic groups. Frank Blair, a nationally known television newscaster, narrates the film. 

"Although the movie deals with the automobile industry and especially the development of mod ern single-unit car construction, is not a 'nuts and bolts' film," said Dick Cummins, head of Cummins Motor Sales. "It show's how a family's living habits are changed by the automobile through three generations. Included are scenes from the two world wars, the zany 'twenties' and humorous and poignant times in the life of the Barker family." Included in the cast are 16 principal actors plus numerous others. The film took almost eight months to complete plus many thousands of miles of fact - finding travel by MGM producer Robert Drucker and Writer Robert C. Bennett. About 1200 miles of film were exposed on 18 exterior and interior sets at the MGM lots in California, as well, as on the Los Angeles freeways. A host of antique cars in running condition, beginning with the original 1902 Rambler, is seen in the film. 

Created in 1959 by MGM for American Motors Corporation, AMERICA THE AUTOMOIBLE AGE was written by Robert C. Bennett and directed by David Monahan.

Hoonigan - 1972 Javelin

On today's episode of Daily Transmission, we get our hands on the Prestone 1972 AMC Javelin AMX, built by Ring Bros, and we put its 1000+hp to good use.

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